Rippingale Genealogy

Sydenham, London, ENGLAND


Notes: Sydenham was in Kent but now London SE26

Latitude: 51.424760000, Longitude: -0.059399000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HARRISON, Julia  1856Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1411
2 RIPPENGAL, Alfred  1857Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1154
3 RIPPENGAL, Alice  1862Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1157
4 RIPPENGAL, Charles Lewis  1866Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1159
5 RIPPENGAL, Clara (Eleanor?)  1858Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1161
6 RIPPENGAL, Edwin  1861Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1160
7 RIPPENGAL, Ernest  1859Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1196
8 RIPPENGAL, Harriet  1850Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1193
9 RIPPENGAL, Henry James  17 Jun 1854Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1239
10 RIPPENGAL, Jane  12 Sep 1855Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1153
11 RIPPENGAL, John Alfred  Abt 1831Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1151
12 RIPPENGAL, Kenneth Victor  1911Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I2080
13 RIPPENGAL, Sarah  1857Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1195
14 RIPPENGAL, Walter  1860Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1156
15 RIPPENGAL, William  2 Aug 1854Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1194
16 RIPPENGAL, Willie  1864Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1158
17 RIPPENGALE, James Frederick  25 Aug 1828Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1034
18 RIPPENGALL, Abraham  Abt 1819Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1136
19 RIPPINGALE, Amy Matilda  Abt 1833Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1164
20 RIPPINGALE, Eliza Elizabeth  1839Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1043
21 RIPPINGALE, Emma  1840Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1044
22 RIPPINGALE, George Samuel  Abt 1836Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HARRISON, Julia  4 Mar 1860Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1411
2 RIPPENGAL, Ernest  28 Aug 1859Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1196
3 RIPPENGAL, George  3 Oct 1858Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1046
4 RIPPENGAL, George  9 Feb 1862Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1630
5 RIPPENGAL, Harriet  8 Sep 1850Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1193
6 RIPPENGAL, Joseph  1 Aug 1852Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1631
7 RIPPENGAL, Sarah  12 Apr 1857Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1195
8 RIPPENGAL, William  3 Sep 1854Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1194
9 RIPPINGALE, Amy Matilda  9 Jan 1833Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1164
10 RIPPINGALE, Eliza Elizabeth  17 Feb 1839Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1043
11 RIPPINGALE, Emma  19 Jul 1840Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1044
12 RIPPINGALE, George Samuel  20 Nov 1836Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CAVEY, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1835Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1041
2 RIPPENGAL, Joseph  9 Jan 1854Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1631


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ALDRED, Jessie Frances  1911Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I2079
2 RIPPENGAL, Alice  1871Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1157
3 RIPPENGAL, Kenneth Victor  1911Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I2080
4 RIPPENGAL, Stanley Victor  1911Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1413


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 AGENT, Sarah  1849Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1192
2 AGENT, Sarah  1850Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1192
3 AGENT, Sarah  1854Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1192
4 CAVEY, Elizabeth  1831Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1041
5 CAVEY, Elizabeth  1833Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1041
6 GENT, Elizabeth  1836Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I2288
7 GENT, Elizabeth  1839Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I2288
8 GENT, Elizabeth  1840Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I2288
9 HUXTABLE, Eliza  1854Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1152
10 RIPPENGAL, John Alfred  1854Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1151
11 RIPPENGAL, William  1849Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1125
12 RIPPENGAL, William  1850Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1125
13 RIPPENGAL, William  1854Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1125
14 RIPPINGALE, Joseph  1831Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1040
15 RIPPINGALE, Joseph  1833Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1040
16 RIPPINGALE, Joseph  1836Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1040
17 RIPPINGALE, Joseph  1839Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1040
18 RIPPINGALE, Joseph  1840Sydenham, London, ENGLAND I1040