Rippingale Genealogy

Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND



Latitude: 52.938913900, Longitude: 0.491032000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 RIPPENGALE, Charles  1820Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I6
2 RIPPENGALE, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I11
3 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1827Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
4 RIPPENGALE, Martha  Abt 1832Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
5 RIPPENGALE, Mary Ann  1822Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I7
6 RIPPINGALE, Alice  29 Jul 1790Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I18
7 RIPPINGALE, Benjamin  30 May 1792Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I19
8 RIPPINGALE, Benjamin  3 May 1836Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I15
9 RIPPINGALE, Charles  23 Feb 1794Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I20
10 RIPPINGALE, Esther  6 Apr 1801Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I23
11 RIPPINGALE, George  28 Feb 1796Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I21
12 RIPPINGALE, George  21 Apr 1807Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I26
13 RIPPINGALE, Henry  2 Aug 1812Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I28
14 RIPPINGALE, James  Abt 1803Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I273
15 RIPPINGALE, John  28 Jan 1787Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
16 RIPPINGALE, John  23 Nov 1802Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I24
17 RIPPINGALE, Robert  15 Jul 1809Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I27
18 RIPPINGALE, Robert  18 Aug 1834Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I14
19 RIPPINGALE, Samuel  Abt 1818Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I5
20 RIPPINGALE, William  1 Oct 1804Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I25


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 RIPPENGALE, Charles  5 Nov 1820Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I6
2 RIPPENGALE, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1832Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I11
3 RIPPENGALE, Maria  20 Jun 1824Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I8
4 RIPPENGALE, Maria  6 May 1827Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
5 RIPPENGALE, Martha  20 Apr 1832Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
6 RIPPENGALE, Mary Ann  27 Oct 1822Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I7
7 RIPPENGALE, William  9 Apr 1830Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I10
8 RIPPINGALE, Alice  30 Jul 1790Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I18
9 RIPPINGALE, Benjamin  2 Jun 1792Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I19
10 RIPPINGALE, Benjamin  14 Feb 1840Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I15
11 RIPPINGALE, Charles  28 Feb 1794Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I20
12 RIPPINGALE, Esther  8 Apr 1801Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I23
13 RIPPINGALE, George  2 Mar 1796Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I21
14 RIPPINGALE, George  3 May 1807Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I26
15 RIPPINGALE, Henry  2 Aug 1812Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I28
16 RIPPINGALE, John  31 Jan 1787Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
17 RIPPINGALE, John  25 Nov 1802Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I24
18 RIPPINGALE, Julia  7 Jan 1840Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I13
19 RIPPINGALE, Robert  21 Jul 1809Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I27
20 RIPPINGALE, Robert  14 Feb 1840Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I14
21 RIPPINGALE, Samuel  14 Jun 1818Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I5
22 RIPPINGALE, William  7 Oct 1804Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I25


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HAWES, Mary  12 Sep 1796Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I17
2 RIPPINGALE, George  15 Mar 1798Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I21
3 RIPPINGALE, John  1870Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
4 RIPPINGALL, Emma  4 Apr 1949Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HAWES, Mary  15 Sep 1796Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I17
2 RIPPENGALE, Maria  14 May 1825Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I8
3 RIPPENGALE, Martha  5 Apr 1902Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
4 RIPPENGALE, Mary Ann  8 Feb 1895Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I7
5 RIPPINGALE, George  18 Mar 1798Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I21
6 RIPPINGALE, George  20 Aug 1819Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I26
7 RIPPINGALE, Henry  27 Sep 1828Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I28
8 RIPPINGALE, John  15 Oct 1870Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
9 RIPPINGALE, Robert  21 Aug 1829Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I27
10 RIPPINGALE, Samuel  7 Jun 1880Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I5
11 SACKER, Martha  30 Oct 1879Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I2
12 TANNER OR TURNER, Frances  27 Sep 1828Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I22


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 RIPPENGALE, Elizabeth  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I11
2 RIPPENGALE, Elizabeth  1851Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I11
3 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
4 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1851Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
5 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1861Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
6 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1871Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
7 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1881Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
8 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1891Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
9 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1901Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
10 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1911Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I9
11 RIPPENGALE, Martha  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
12 RIPPENGALE, Martha  1871Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
13 RIPPENGALE, Martha  1881Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
14 RIPPENGALE, Martha  1891Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
15 RIPPENGALE, Martha  1901Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
16 RIPPENGALE, Mary Ann  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I7
17 RIPPENGALE, William  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I10
18 RIPPINGALE, Benjamin  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I15
19 RIPPINGALE, Benjamin  1851Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I15
20 RIPPINGALE, Benjamin  1901Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I15
21 RIPPINGALE, Benjamin  1911Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I15
22 RIPPINGALE, James William Fenton  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I317
23 RIPPINGALE, John  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
24 RIPPINGALE, John  1851Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
25 RIPPINGALE, John  1861Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
26 RIPPINGALE, Julia  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I13
27 RIPPINGALE, Julia  1851Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I13
28 RIPPINGALE, Julia  1881Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I13
29 RIPPINGALE, Julia  1901Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I13
30 RIPPINGALE, Julia  1911Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I13
31 RIPPINGALE, Robert  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I14
32 RIPPINGALE, Robert  1851Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I14
33 RIPPINGALE, Samuel  1871Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I5
34 SACKER, Martha  1841Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I2
35 SACKER, Martha  1851Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I2
36 SACKER, Martha  1861Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I2
37 SACKER, Martha  1871Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I2


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 RIPPENGALE, Elizabeth  1852Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I11
2 RIPPENGALE, Maria  1825Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I8
3 RIPPENGALE, Martha  1902Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I12
4 RIPPENGALE, Mary Ann  1859Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I7
5 RIPPENGALE, Mary Ann  1895Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I7
6 RIPPINGALE, George  1819Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I26
7 RIPPINGALE, Henry  1828Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I28
8 RIPPINGALE, John  1817Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
9 RIPPINGALE, John  1820Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
10 RIPPINGALE, John  1840Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
11 RIPPINGALE, John  1870Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I1
12 RIPPINGALE, Martin  1829Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I16
13 RIPPINGALE, Robert  1829Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I27
14 RIPPINGALE, Samuel  1880Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I5
15 RIPPINGALL, Emma  1949Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I119
16 RIPPINGALL, Horatia  1947Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I118
17 SACKER, Martha  1820Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I2
18 SACKER, Martha  1840Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I2
19 SACKER, Martha  1879Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I2
20 TANNER OR TURNER, Frances  1828Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I22


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 RIPPINGALE, Martin  23 Feb 1825Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND I16


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HARDY / RIPPENGALE  29 Jan 1852Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND F10
2 RIPPINGALE / TANNER OR TURNER  5 Mar 1801Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND F20
3 TOMLINSON / RIPPENGALE  19 Oct 1859Hunstanton, Norfolk, ENGLAND F6