Rippingale Genealogy

Hackney, London, ENGLAND



Latitude: 51.551795300, Longitude: -0.064643700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KETTLE, Annie May  24 May 1890Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1639
2 RIPPENGALE, Arthur  14 Feb 1880Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1120
3 RIPPENGALE, Arthur  1899Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1464
4 RIPPENGALE, Edith  1895Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1463
5 RIPPENGALE, Ethel May  11 May 1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1452
6 RIPPENGALE, Joseph  1889Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1461
7 RIPPENGALE, Lillie  1891Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1462
8 RIPPENGALE, Rose Lilian  5 Mar 1885Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1459
9 RIPPINGALE, Ann  26 Aug 1781Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1029
10 RIPPINGALE, Edith Mary  1885Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1522
11 RIPPINGALE, Gertrude Jane  30 Nov 1882Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1523
12 RIPPINGALE, Henry Robert  1884Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1521
13 RIPPINGALE, Leonard William  1 Feb 1900Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1986
14 WAUGHMAN, Jessie  1868Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1460


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 RIPPENGALE, Daisy  27 Sep 1896Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1457
2 RIPPENGALE, Ernest  2 Apr 1899Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1458
3 RIPPENGALE, Ethel May  Sep 1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1452
4 RIPPENGALE, Harold  Sep 1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1454
5 RIPPENGALE, James  Sep 1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1453
6 RIPPENGALE, Minnie  Sep 1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1456
7 RIPPENGALE, Rose Lilian  Sep 1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1459
8 RIPPENGALE, William Frederick  Sep 1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1455
9 RIPPINGAL, Samuel  26 Jan 1777Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1030
10 RIPPINGALE, Gertrude Jane  11 Mar 1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1523
11 RIPPINGALE, Hannah Ann  8 Nov 1778Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1172
12 RIPPINGALE, Sarah  25 Jan 1775Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1027
13 SANDELL, Frederick William  4 Jul 1886Hackney, London, ENGLAND I2483
14 WILLIAMS, Ellen (Helen) Louise  29 Apr 1885Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 PICTON, Elizabeth Annie  28 Sep 1962Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1622
2 RIPPENGALE, William Frederick  10 Jan 1963Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1455
3 WAKELING, Thomas Henry  8 Jun 1956Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 RIPPENGALE, Harriett  17 Jul 1868Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1165
2 RIPPENGALL, Henry Joseph  1 May 1856Hackney, London, ENGLAND I3421
3 RIPPINGAL, Samuel  7 Feb 1777Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1030
4 RIPPINGALE, Hannah Ann  7 Sep 1781Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1172
5 RIPPINGALE, Samuel Tisdell  7 Dec 1785Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1024
6 SAMFORD, Mary  31 Jan 1777Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 PEDDINGTON, Rosina Mary Ann  1891Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1451
2 PEDDINGTON, Rosina Mary Ann  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1451
3 PEDDINGTON, Rosina Mary Ann  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1451
4 RIPPENGALE, Arthur  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1464
5 RIPPENGALE, Daisy  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1457
6 RIPPENGALE, Daisy  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1457
7 RIPPENGALE, Edith  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1463
8 RIPPENGALE, Eleanor (Ellen)  1861Hackney, London, ENGLAND I777
9 RIPPENGALE, Ernest  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1458
10 RIPPENGALE, Ernest  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1458
11 RIPPENGALE, Ethel May  1891Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1452
12 RIPPENGALE, Ethel May  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1452
13 RIPPENGALE, Ethel May  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1452
14 RIPPENGALE, Harold  1891Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1454
15 RIPPENGALE, Harold  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1454
16 RIPPENGALE, Harold  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1454
17 RIPPENGALE, James  1891Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1453
18 RIPPENGALE, James  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1453
19 RIPPENGALE, James  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1453
20 RIPPENGALE, Joseph  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1461
21 RIPPENGALE, Joseph  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1010
22 RIPPENGALE, Lillie  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1462
23 RIPPENGALE, Minnie  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1456
24 RIPPENGALE, Minnie  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1456
25 RIPPENGALE, Rose Lilian  1891Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1459
26 RIPPENGALE, William Frederick  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1455
27 RIPPINGALE, Amos William (William)  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1011
28 RIPPINGALE, James Michael  1891Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1007
29 RIPPINGALE, James Michael  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1007
30 RIPPINGALE, James Michael  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1007
31 RIPPINGALE, Leonard William  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1986
32 WAUGHMAN, Charlotte Elizabeth  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I2178
33 WAUGHMAN, Jessie  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1460


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BARRATT, Joseph  1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1902
2 FULLER, Sarah Jane  1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1520
3 JOHNSON, Alice Emily  1915Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1637
4 KETTLE, Annie May  1912Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1639
5 PALMER, Mary Ann  1877Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1013
6 PEDDINGTON, Rosina Mary Ann  1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1451
7 PEDDINGTON, Rosina Mary Ann  1896Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1451
8 PEDDINGTON, Rosina Mary Ann  1899Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1451
9 PICTON, Elizabeth Annie  1916Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1622
10 POPKIN, Phoebe Elizabeth  1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND I840
11 RIPPENGALE, Ethel May  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1452
12 RIPPENGALE, Harold  6 Nov 1915Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1454
13 RIPPENGALE, Harold  10 Dec 1915Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1454
14 RIPPENGALE, Henry George  1877Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1003
15 RIPPENGALE, James  1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1453
16 RIPPENGALE, James  1912Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1453
17 RIPPENGALE, Joseph  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1010
18 RIPPENGALE, Rose Lilian  1892Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1459
19 RIPPENGALE, S.H.J.   I2206
20 RIPPENGALE, William Frederick  1916Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1455
21 RIPPINGALE, Arthur  1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND I673
22 RIPPINGALE, Henry Charles (Charles)  1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND I701
23 RIPPINGALE, James Michael  1894Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1007
24 RIPPINGALE, James Michael  1896Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1007
25 RIPPINGALE, James Michael  1899Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1007
26 RIPPINGALE, Jane  1855Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1184
27 RIPPINGALE, Leonard William  1908Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1986
28 RIPPINGALE, Samuel Tisdell  1773Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1024
29 RIPPINGALE, Samuel Tisdell  1781Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1024
30 RIPPINGALE, Samuel Tisdell  1785Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1024
31 RIPPINGALE, Sarah  1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND I737
32 SAMFORD, Mary  1773Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1025
33 TRIGGS, Hannah  1781Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1028
34 TRIGGS, Hannah  1785Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1028
35 WAGER, Robert Henry  1855Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1775
36 WAKELING, Thomas Henry  1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1638
37 WAKELING, Thomas Henry  1956Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1638
38 WAUGHMAN, Jessie  1901Hackney, London, ENGLAND I1460


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARRATT / RIPPINGALE  28 Jul 1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND F593
2 RIPPENGALE / JOHNSON  6 Nov 1915Hackney, London, ENGLAND F1154
3 RIPPENGALE / KETTLE  18 Mar 1912Hackney, London, ENGLAND F1153
4 RIPPENGALE / PICTON  24 Dec 1916Hackney, London, ENGLAND F1155
5 RIPPINGALE / POPKIN  27 Jan 1883Hackney, London, ENGLAND F542
6 WAGER / RIPPINGALE  5 Feb 1855Hackney, London, ENGLAND F950
7 WAKELING / RIPPENGALE  15 Dec 1911Hackney, London, ENGLAND F1152