Rippingale Genealogy

Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND



Latitude: 51.735586800, Longitude: 0.468549700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 REPINGALL, Robert John  Abt 1821Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1126
2 RIPENGALE, Emma  22 Jan 1823Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1244
3 RIPENGALE, Rosina  Abt 1830Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1245
4 RIPPINGALE, Alfred Arthur  1878Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1150
5 RIPPINGALE, Alfred Edwin  17 Nov 1906Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1967
6 RIPPINGALE, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1831Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1782
7 RIPPINGALE, Anne Elizabeth Ella  1859Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2452
8 RIPPINGALE, Arthur Basil  23 Aug 1908Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1968
9 RIPPINGALE, Ellen Rebecca  1861Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I841
10 RIPPINGALE, Frederick George  1876Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1149
11 RIPPINGALE, Frederick Potter  1907Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3467
12 RIPPINGALE, John Griffiths  1850Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1130
13 RIPPINGALE, John Newton  1851Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1263
14 RIPPINGALE, Matilda May  1872Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1148
15 RIPPINGALE, Phoebe  Abt 1838Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I838
16 RIPPINGALE, Rebecca  Abt 1834Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I837
17 RIPPINGALE, Rupert Thomas  1910Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 RIPENGALE, Rosina  4 Mar 1832Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1245
2 RIPPINGALE, Charles  25 Jan 1835Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3287
3 RIPPINGALE, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1804Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3004
4 RIPPINGALE, Mary Ann  22 May 1803Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3003
5 RIPPINGALE, Rebecca  14 Feb 1806Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3005
6 RIPPINGALE, William  13 Jun 1802Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2119
7 ROWLAND, Phyllis Lilian  6 Jun 1908Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2378


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DEATH, Frederick Albert  18 Nov 1974Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1302
2 WITHAM, Thomas Edward  22 Aug 1952Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2377


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BURTON, Ann  7 Feb 1813Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2743
2 POTTER, Emily Ada  1907Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1534
3 RIPPINGALE, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1805Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3004
4 RIPPINGALE, Emily Violet  1906Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3466
5 RIPPINGALE, Frederick George  1927Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1149
6 RIPPINGALE, Mary Ann  18 Sep 1803Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3003
7 RIPPINGALE, William  16 Jan 1803Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2119
8 RIPPINGILL, Robert  2 Jun 1824Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2141


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 COLLINS, Ann  1841Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I839
2 DINES, Isacah Matilda  1871Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1147
3 DINES, Isacah Matilda  1881Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1147
4 DINES, Isacah Matilda  1891Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1147
5 DINES, Isacah Matilda  1901Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1147
6 NEWTON, John  1861Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1261
7 OWERS, Lily  1911Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1966
8 POTTER, Emily Ada  1901Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1534
9 RIPENGALE, Emma  1841Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1244
10 RIPENGALE, Rosina  1841Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1245
11 RIPPINGALE, Alfred Arthur  1881Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1150
12 RIPPINGALE, Alfred Arthur  1891Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1150
13 RIPPINGALE, Alfred Arthur  1901Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1150
14 RIPPINGALE, Alfred Arthur  1911Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1150
15 RIPPINGALE, Alfred Edwin  1911Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1967
16 RIPPINGALE, Ann Elizabeth  1841Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1782
17 RIPPINGALE, Arthur Basil  1911Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1968
18 RIPPINGALE, Ellen Rebecca  1861Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I841
19 RIPPINGALE, Frederick George  1881Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1149
20 RIPPINGALE, Frederick George  1891Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1149
21 RIPPINGALE, Frederick George  1901Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1149
22 RIPPINGALE, Frederick Mann  1851Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1146
23 RIPPINGALE, Frederick Mann  1871Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1146
24 RIPPINGALE, Frederick Mann  1881Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1146
25 RIPPINGALE, Frederick Mann  1891Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1146
26 RIPPINGALE, Frederick Mann  1901Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1146
27 RIPPINGALE, Frederick Mann  1911Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1146
28 RIPPINGALE, Frederick Potter  1911Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3467
29 RIPPINGALE, Jane Reeve  1851Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1053
30 RIPPINGALE, John Newton  1861Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1263
31 RIPPINGALE, Matilda May  1881Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1148
32 RIPPINGALE, Matilda May  1891Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1148
33 RIPPINGALE, Phoebe  1841Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I838
34 RIPPINGALE, Phoebe  1851Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I838
35 RIPPINGALE, Phoebe  1861Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I838
36 RIPPINGALE, Rebecca  1841Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I837
37 RIPPINGALE, Rebecca  1841Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I3005
38 RIPPINGALE, Rebecca  1851Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I837
39 RIPPINGALE, Rebecca  1861Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I837
40 RIPPINGALE, Rupert Thomas  1911Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1969
41 RIPPINGALE, Smith  1841Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I833
42 RIPPINGALE, Smith  1851Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I833
43 RIPPINGALE, Smith  1861Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BURTON, Ann  1808Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2743
2 GRIFFITHS, Mary Ann  1821Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2142
3 NEWTON, John  1859Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I1261
4 RIPPINGALE, Phoebe  1859Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I838
5 RIPPINGALE, Rebecca  1859Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I837
6 RIPPINGILL, Robert  1808Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2141
7 RIPPINGILL, Robert  1814Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2141
8 RIPPINGILL, Robert  1821Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2141
9 SEALES OR SALES, Honor  1898Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2744
10 WITHAM, Thomas Edward  1952Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND I2377


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 RIPPINGALE / COLLINS  8 Aug 1830Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND F665
2 RIPPINGALE / ROWLAND  30 Jul 1932Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND F1537
3 RIPPINGILL / BURTON  21 Nov 1808Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND F2026
4 RIPPINGILL / GRIFFITHS  21 Sep 1814Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND F1665
5 RIPPINGILL / SEALES OR SALES  8 Jul 1798Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND F214
6 WITHAM / RIPPINGALE  17 Jan 1897Chelmsford, Essex, ENGLAND F919