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51 Albert’s nephew Alfred Q1411 married Lucy Finch. Albert took the surname Finch and is found in the 1901 census under Albert Finch RIPPINGALE, Albert (I2696)
52 Albert’s WW1 registration card gives address and next of kin but it’s scanned at too low a resolution to read.
1920 census says he was widowed so Isabell was his second wife 
RIPPINGALE, Albert Edwin (I712)
53 Albertine died intestate. Administration was granted to her husband, Keith Rippingale, company representative. Effects were valued at £3680 FALZON OR LUTZ, Albertine (I2077)
54 Alexander died intestate and administration was granted to his wife, Jane. His effects were worth under £300-00. The probate record says he was ‘formerly of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster but late of Clevedon in the County of Somerset’. Jane was resident in London.

A notice of his death was posted in the South Australian register, presumably by his daughter Agnes:

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), Wednesday 16 February 1859, page 2
On the 8th December, 1858, at Clevedon, near Bristol, England, Alexander Rippingille, Esq., father of Mrs. Edmund W. Wright, Palmer-place, North Adelaide.
Thanks to K Henderson for alerting me to this 
RIPPINGILLE, Alexander (I250)
55 Alfred and his family emigrated to Canada in 1912. They qualified for the British bonus, and Alfred gave his intended profession as farming.

From Pegg/Gamble tree (Ancestry)
Richard Wilcocks: Emigrated to Otonabee (Keane) near Peterboro in Ontario Canada -around 1900 or thereabouts. Sons - known as Benjamin Alfred and Stanley Horace joined the 20th Bn Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Rgt) and were both killed by the same shell on 16 July 1917. Photo is from a collection sent to Emma Smith (nee Pearson) my grandmother, who wrote to the family in Canada. She had known Alfred Rippingale (four years older than her) as a neighbour in England and as the brother of her cousin Arthur's wife Caroline.

khubbs181 added this on 15 Nov 2009 (Ancestry):
Alfred and his children emigrated to Canada before 1916. He is buried in Little Lake Cemetery in Peterborough, Ontario.

Alfred returned to Gestingthorpe in Aug 1922 to visit his father, Walter. He stayed for just over a month and was not accompanied by his wife or family. He gave his occupation as ‘cemetery labourer’ and gardener and his address as Peterborough. 
RIPPINGALE, Alfred (I691)
56 Alfred died intestate. Administration granted to his son Alfred Eric Thorpe, company director. Effects valued at £163 0s 10d THORPE, Alfred (I1286)
57 Alfred died intestate. Administration of his estate granted to Betty Joan Rippingale, widow. Effects valued at £103 RIPPINGALL, Alfred George (I2115)
58 Alfred George was a ship’s cook. In 1928, he was serving on board the Gitano, bound for New York BUGG, Alfred George Alexander (I1794)
59 Alfred left a will. Probate granted to Rita Emily Rippingale, widow. Effects valued at £2262 RIPPINGALE, Alfred James (I384)
60 Alfred left a will. Probate was granted to Emily Rhoda Cansell, widow. Effects valued at £267 19s 4d CANSELL, Alfred (I2232)
61 Alfred left no will. Administration was granted to widow, Julia. His effects were valued at £1890 1s 4d RIPPENGAL, Alfred (I1154)
62 Alfred said his profession was ‘labouring’ in the Canadian passenger lists, and this was his intended profession in Canada.

From Find-a-Grave:
‘Benjamin Alfred was a private, 20th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment). He was the son of Alfred Rippingale, of Peterboro, Ontario. His brother, Stanley Horace, served in the same regiment, died on the same day, and is buried next to him. Age 22’.

Canada, CEF Burial Registers, First World War, 1914-1919 about Benjamin Rippingale
Name: Benjamin Rippingale
Death Date: 16 Jul 1917
Unit: 20th Battalion
Rank: Private
Service Number: 195455
Cemetery Location: 3 3/4 Miles North West of Souchez, France
[Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery] 

While on duty with a Lewis Gun Crew in a machine gun post in the front line trenches North of Lens, he was instantly killed by a heavy enemy trench mortar that exploded in the post 
RIPPINGALE, Benjamin Alfred (I1561)
63 Alfred’s Uncle Albert P2006, married Emma Finch RIPPINGALE, Alfred (I1509)
64 Alice died intestate. Administration of her estate granted to Roy Rippengal Exeter, linotype operator. Effects valued at £649 13s 4d. Roy was probably her son RIPPENGAL, Alice May (I1444)
65 Alice must have just been pregnant when Herbert died. His death was registered in Mar qtr 1909 and their son, Herbert was born in Nov 1909.

Alice first married a Snow and then James Cooper. She died intestate and administration of her estate was granted to son Herbert Hutton Rippingale, omnibus driver. Effects valued at £284 4s 
RIPPINGALE, Alice (I1322)
66 Alice remarried in Frampton 9 months after William’s death THOMLIN, Alice (I2476)
67 Alice was born before the death of Edward’s wife, Elizabeth Bryant. I assume that Christiana was his mistress and Alice was illegitimate.

Australia Birth Index, 1788-1922 about Alice Rose Rippingille
Name: Alice Rose Rippingille
Father's Name: Alexander Rippingille
Mother's name: Christiana Srijah
Birth Place: Brighton, Victoria
Registration Year: 1858
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 14802

There is an attractive bronze cross on Alice Rose's grave in Pinner.
She left a will. Probate was granted to son Ambrose Heal. Effects were valued at £166 15s 10d. 
RIPPINGILLE, Alice Rose (I1082)
68 Alice was buried the same day as her daughter Margery WATSON, Alice (I2305)
69 Alice was left £3 6s 8d in her father’s will, to be paid on 1 May 1654, a year after his death and after the legacies to her brothers . RIPPINGALE, Alice (I1886)
70 Alice was left £6 13s 4d in her father’s will when she reached 21 or on her marriage to be paid by her mother, Cicely.

Alice’s brother Thomas left a will. At that time, Thomas’ wife was pregnant and the bequests to his half-sibs depended on whether the child lived, and whether it was a boy or girl. If a boy who lived, then his half-sibs would get nothing. If it died or was a girl, then Thomas’ land was to be sold and after bequests to friends and immediate family, his sisters were to get the remainder of the proceeds, equally divided. 
RIPPINGLE, Alice (I1828)
71 Alice was left money and household goods in her father’s will:

“I give to my daughter Alice 1 brass pot, 1 pan, 2 pairs sheets, 4 pewter doublers, 2 pillowcases, 1 bolster, 1/2 a quarter of barley and 13s 4d to be paid 4 years after my decease” 
RIPPINGALE, Alice (I2311)
72 Alice was mentioned in her brother, John’s will. He asks his wife Joan to

‘suffer Alice Rippingale my syster to have a chamber within her howse during (damaged) the terme of her naturall life (yf she the said Alice do mynde there to remaynne)’ 
RIPPENGALE, Alice (I1865)
73 Although George died in 1915, he appears in the 1916 Census of Manitoba, Canada. This is because he was initially posted as missing; his death wasn’t confirmed until a year later. RIPPENGALE, George (I1333)
74 Although Joseph and his sister Sarah were in separate households in 1841, they were living close to each other in Tinwald.
In 1851, Joseph gives his birth place as ‘on the ocean’. Looks as though his father emigrated to Scotland.
He and Margaret emigrated to Australia sometime after their marriage in 1854 and before 1871. In 1871, they were living in Prahan, Victoria in a house owned by William McConchie, who must have been a relative of Margaret.

Death Index, 1787-1985
Name: Jos Rippingale
Birth Year: abt 1830
Age: 60
Death Place: Prahran, Victoria
Father's name: Jas
Mother's name: Margt Stewart
Registration Year: 1890
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 9161

St Kilda’s Cemetery, Victoria, Australia
Margaret McConchie, wife of Joseph Rippingale, d. at Albert St, Windsor 22 Apr 1878
also the above Joseph Rippingale, d. 26 Jun 1890
also Alfred James Spence, great grandchild of above d. 10 Jun 1894 
RIPPINGALE, Joseph (I2058)
75 Although known as Thomas, he was actually baptised George Thomas FINCH RIPPINGALE, Thomas George (I1505)
76 Although Thomas made his will in High Laver, he wasn’t buried there, although his sister Jane was. As he had no living wife or children when the will was drawn up, perhaps he travelled to High Laver so she could care for him during his illness.

Much of Thomas’ estate goes to his sister Jane Ingoll and then to the poor people 'called Anabaptists' of the district. In particular, Jane was to have the use of his freehold land in Roxwell, Essex, and then it was to be held in trust by Joseph Butcher of Tilbury, Thomas Granger of Hedingham Castle, John Granger of Gestingthorpe & Thomas Firmin of Hedingham Sible, yeomen and the rents & profits to be used for the poor anabaptists of the region. There are numerous smaller bequests to the poor, relatives and friends. It's pretty difficult to sort out exactly who these relatives are. His cousin widow Rippingell of Gestingthorpe must be the wife of Jonathan I1002. The others are much harder to place. He refers to his cousin, George Butcher, but there are loads of Butchers in Essex and no George Butcher that fits who is associated with Gestingthorpe (Gestingthorpe records are missing between 1623 & 1726). Thomas also uses the term cousin rather loosely, as he refers to his nephew, Edward Ingoll, as cousin at one point.

Thomas and John Granger were probably brothers. Thomas left a will in 1709 in which he also left money to the Anabaptists of the district. He names a brother, John, as one of his supervisors, very likely the John Granger of Gestingthorpe mentioned in Thomas Rippingell’s will. Also nominated as a second supervisor in Thomas Granger’s will was the same Joseph Butcher, yeoman of Tilbury (above), whom Thomas calls his ‘Loving friend’.

I don't have a John Thresher (a ‘kinsman’) at the moment , but John was a baker and I wonder if he could have some connection with Edward Rippingale H1581, the baker of Clare? There’s no Much Wakering in Genuki but there is a Little & Great Wakering in Essex (the name is very clear in the will). These are on the coast near Southend and a fair way from the other places mentioned in the will. I’ve checked FR & FMP marriages but there’s no Thresher married to anyone with a surname I recognise in the relevant period. I'm puzzled by the reference to 'my brother White'. His legacy is rather small and he must be a step-brother, perhaps one who disapproved of Thomas' religious beliefs? An alternative is that he's a co-religionist but this term isn't used anywhere else in the will. I’ve checked White marriages in FreeReg, 1600s & early 1700s but there are no names or parishes that I recognise as being associated with the Rippingales. There are too many Whites in FMP to search through.

Thomas was possibly an Anabaptist, a small non-conformist sect, that was persecuted in England in the previous century. In the interregnum they were still considered as dissidents and were the forerunners of some other sects that practised adult baptism, such as the Amish in the USA. They seem to have died out in England by the end of the 1600s but the label 'anabaptist' was often used as a term of abuse and referred to a variety of non-conformist groups that were outside the mainstream. As Thomas constantly refers to 'the poor of the baptised church or congregation commonly called anabaptists', the congregation may have called themselves something else. He refers to 'the baptised church' so probably his group practised adult baptism but they may have been a branch of the baptists, who seem to have a separate origin to the anabaptists.

One of the trustees of Thomas’ land was Joseph Butcher of Tilbury. This is probably Tilbury juxta Clare, which is very close to High Laver. I’m not sure if he is related to George Butcher, Thomas’ cousin. A Joseph Butcher had several children in Tilbury ca 1680 and would be a contemporary of Thomas. He married an Ann Scot of Belchamp Walter in 1680, another link to the Belchamp/Gestingthorpe Rippingales, and is almost certainly the Joseph referred to in the will.
A George Butcher was born in Tilbury 10 Mar 1687/88 to George Butcher, but he died as an infant. George snr baptised another son George in 1698 but this George would be too young. Have searched extensively for this George but I can’t place him.

Two other trustees were John Granger of Gestingthorpe & Thomas Granger of Hedingham Castle. There are no Grangers bpt, mar or bur in Gestingthorpe (FreeReg) but there is a John, son of Thomas born in Castle Hedingham in 1699. This John is too young but his father, Thomas, is probably the Thomas referred to in the will. I can’t find the baptism of a John or Thomas Granger in FreeReg, Essex, in the relevant period. The 4th trustee was Thomas Firmin of Sible Hedingham. Sible Hedingham hasn’t been extracted for FreeReg or IGI but there are Firmins in the Belchamps, Hedingham and other villages associated with Thomas Rippingale, although I can’t pin-point this Thomas.

Thomas’ cash bequests total £152-15. This excludes money from the trust he set up. This is equivalent to £20,000 RPI or £278,000 by average earnings, so he was a prosperous man. He asks that his bequests be paid within 6 months of his death and to that end, to ‘call in my money on mortgage as soon as conveniently may be’. I’m not quite sure what this phrase means - is it that he’d mortgaged a property and wanted it sold so he could get the cash, or that he’d lent money and wanted it back? At any rate, his inventory shows that he had sufficient resources to pay the bequests.

The inventory was taken on 24 Apr 1707 by Thomas Firmin, one of the trustees named in the will, and Richard Clarke. The inventory isn’t detailed and just lists his ‘wearing apparel’, household goods, cash & debts, a total of £216 2s 2 1/2d. In todays money, Thomas was worth £394,000 using average earnings. His clothes were worth £3,640 and his household goods were about the same. He had the equivalent of £11,900 in ready cash that was to go to his sister Jane and was owed £373,000.

The inventory states that Thomas died in Tilbury juxta Clare but burials are missing 1698-1717 
RIPPINGELL, Thomas (I2748)
77 Ambrose was left 5s in his father’s will and was also to get all his father’s goods and chattels. His younger brother John got £5 and so the goods must have been worth a reasonable sum. Ambrose was also the executor of the will and proved it on 24 Jun 1653. RIPPINGALE, Ambrose (I1884)
78 Ambrose, born 7 October 1847, baptized 14 January 1848 at St. Giles in the Fields. He died at Aviemore, Inverness-shire, on IO October 19 13 , and is buried at Pinner, where there is an inscription to his memory. He was a partner in Heal & Son from 1875 to 1906, when he became first Chairman of Heal & Son, Limited. He married at Finchley, 5 July 1871, Emily- Maria, daughter of Thomas Stephenson, of Flora Cottage, Finchley. She was born 9 August 1849 and is now living at Nower Hill, Pinner. From the time of his marriage he lived at Crouch End until he removed to Nower Hill, Pinner, in 1895. He formed a very large topographical collection relating to the parish of St. Pancras, on which he was engaged for a period of over thirty years. He bequeathed it to St. Pancras Library, where it is carefully housed.

He was of Crouch End, later of Nower Hill, Pinner, Middx. Partner in Heal & Son 1875-1906, Chairman Heal & Son, Limited 1906-1913

He married at Finchley, 5 July 1871, Emily- Maria, daughter of Thomas Stephenson, of Flora Cottage, Finchley. She was born 9 August 1849 and is now living at Nower Hill, Pinner. From the time of his marriage he lived at Crouch End until he removed to Nower Hill, Pinner, in 1895. 
HEAL, Ambrose (I1116)
79 Ambrose, born at Crouch End 3 September 1872. He was taken into partnership in Heal and Son and became Managing Director of Heal & Son, Limited, in 1907.
On the death of his father in 1913 he became Chairman and Managing Director.

By first wife, Alice-Rose, daughter of Alexander Rippingille (born 24 Nov 1859, married at Torquay 21 February 1895, died at Pinner 4 May 1901), he had a son, Cecil-Ambrose, born at Pinner 23 October 1896, died wounds near Poperinghe 3 July 1915, then a Second Lieutenant in the 3rd Wiltshire Regiment.

By his second wife, Edith-Florence-Digby, daughter John Todhunter, M.D. (Trin. Coll., Dublin), of Orchard Croft, Bedford Park, London (born 4 September 1880 King Henry's Road, London, N.W., and married at The Register Office, Gad Street, Holborn), he had two sons and two daughters : Barbara-Alison, born at Pinner 7 November 1905, died there ; December 1906 ; Anthony-Standerwick, born at Pinner 23 February 1907; Pamela-Margery, born at Pinner July 1908; and John-Christopher, born at Pinner 2 October 1911.

Long term mistress was Prudence Maufe, wife of Sir Edward Maufe, the architect.

Short term mistress was Dodie Smith, the playwright.

He was a Partner, Heal & Son; Managing Director Heal & Son, Limited 1907; Chairman & Managing Director 1913. Knighted 1 January 1932.

Ambrose left a will. Probate granted to Anthony Standerwick Heal, company director and Wilfred Mills, chartered accountant. Effects valued at £74,923 4s 9d 
HEAL, Sir Ambrose (I1115)
80 Amelia must have emigrated to Canada as her husband was born there and she married there. Her brother Henry also emigrated to Canada. Amelia lived in Toronto between Oct 1904 & July 1930. She must have returned to England, as she left from Southampton, sailing 3rd class on the Ascania, 6th Sep 1930. Her husband wasn’t with her. She returned to England again in 1953, when she was 71.

Birth: Mar. 31, 1882, England
Death: Nov. 24, 1978, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Daughter of Henry George Rippengale and Mary Ann Palmer. Her surname of Swan came about after her father's death and her mother married George Swan. Even though he didn't legally adopt her, Amelia assumed the name out of respect and love for her step-father.
She is the wife of George Philip Mortson.  
RIPPENGALE, Amelia Ada (I1448)
81 Amelia’s birth was registered under the surname Lambert, as was her sister, Elizabeth RIPPENGALE-LAMBERT, Amelia Reaper (I1606)
82 Amos’ brother, Joseph, married Jessie Waughman. Jessie & Charlotte could be sisters RIPPINGALE, Amos William (William) (I1011)
83 Amy was buried on the same day that her daughter Sarah was baptised BOKES?, Amy (Emma) (I980)
84 Ann emigrated with Thomas and her 2 surviving children, Sarah & Mary Ann. Ann re-married in Australia in 1857.
Also in board were a Jane Rippingale and FE Rippingale. The only Jane I can find is a daughter of Smith Rippingale but I don’t know who FE is. The ages are consistent with them being mother & son.

Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1950 about Anne Rippingall
Name: Anne Rippingall
Spouse Name: Thomas Dickins
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1857
Registration Number: 3650

Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Anne Dickins
Name: Anne Dickins
Death Place: Victoria
Age: 49
Father's Name: Brown U
Registration Year: 1869
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 4413
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1820 
BROWN, Ann (I1220)
85 Ann in burial register RIPPINGALL, Anna (I111)
86 Ann Louisa and her mother Sarah were buried on the same day RIPPINGALE, Ann Louisa (I3408)
87 Ann must have married between 1596 (date of father’s will) and 1592 (date of mother’s will). By 1592, she had at least 2 daughters as her mother left her second best candlestick to her eldest daughter.

Anne got a flock bed and a bolster as her legacy from her father, plus £8-00 to be paid at the time of her marriage or before if she had 'necessary & urgent occasion to use it'. Although her daughter received something from Ann’s mother, Ann herself did not. 
RIPPINGALL, Anne (I2789)
88 Ann was a methodist and a member of the Newark Circuit. Her death was recorded in ‘The Christian Miscellany and Family Visiter’. SCALES, Ann Bamforth (I365)
89 Ann was buried on the same day her son John was baptised. [RIPPINGALE], Ann (I2618)
90 Ann was left 33s 4d in her father’s will when she reached 21 or on her marriage to be paid by her mother, Cicely. She was also to get £5 from her brother Thomas 4 years after he entered into his inheritance

Anne’s brother Thomas left a will. At that time, Thomas’ wife was pregnant and the bequests to his half-sibs depended on whether the child lived, and whether it was a boy or girl. If a boy who lived, then his half-sibs would get nothing. If it died or was a girl, then Thomas’ land was to be sold and after bequests to friends and immediate family, his sisters were to get the remainder of the proceeds, equally divided. 
RIPINGAL, Anne (I1830)
91 Ann was left £6 13s 4d in her father’s will. This was to be paid on marriage or 2 years after the date of the will. It was usual for daughters to get a legacy when they married or when they were 21, whichever came first. If this is true here, then Ann was the eldest of John’s daughters, and would have been about 19 which would put her date of birth around 1552. RYPPINGALE, Ann (I1868)
92 Ann was residuary legatee of her son John’s will. John died in 1735 and left everything to Ann after some small bequests to his sisters and a sum of £20-00 to his niece Mary Ann Higgs GRIMMIT, Anne (I2432)
93 Ann, Elizabeth, Catherine, Christmas dau of Thomas & Ann Rippingale were born 15 Nov & Bpt Dec 5. Does this men they were quads?? RIPPENGALE, Elizabeth (I615)
94 Ann’s grandmother, Elizabeth left a will in which Ann was to inherit all her grandmother’s goods and property if her sister Elizabeth died childless. She got almost nothing if her sister lived RIPPINGALLE, Ann (I1858)
95 Anne was left a black ewe in her grandfather Edward’s will, and a cow to raise as a legacy from her grandmother, Anne Ryppyngale. The first 2 calves of this cow were to go to her brothers, William & Ethelbert, and then she was to have full use of it. SHARPE, Anne (I2816)
96 Anne was the wife of John Sharpe & received 5 shillings as her legacy in her mother’s will and a black ewe from her step-father. Anne & John had 3 minor children living in 1591 when Agnes Rippingale died, each of whom were mentioned in her will. PEARSE, Anne (I2814)
97 Anne’s second husband Edward died in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, in 1582 and made Ann his executrix and residuary legatee.
Anne left a will where she describes herself as a widow.

This will is very straightforward. Ann was a widow from Kidlington (then Chadlington) in Oxfordshire.
She had 1 living child, Anne, who was married to John Sharpe
Ann & John had 3 living children: Ann, William & Ethelbert
These children were minors. I think that Ann was the eldest: she got a bequest of a cow whose first calf was to go to William & the second to Ethelbert. This suggests that William was older than Ethelbert.

The rest of her goods were to go to Joan Pierce who was also executrix. No relationship was mentioned but I wonder if Joan was a sister or some other relative?
Ann was of modest means as shown by her bequests. She left a total of 10s to her daughter and son-in-law and some barley and a cow. This suggests that her husband was a husbandman. She made no charitable bequests.
How old was she? She had a daughter who married in 1580. Assuming an age of 25 at first marriage, this would put Ann/Agnes dob around 1530. 
[RIPPINGALE], Anne Or Agnes (I2813)
98 Arrived in Australia as passenger in 'Francis Ridley' 27 Aug 1850 at Port Philip.
In 1852 electoral roll, shown living at Brighton, South Bourke, Evelyn & Mornington Ward.
He was of Birmingham, and later Torquay. Patentee of Rippingille stove.
Residence at time of marriage to Ellen given as Southport. His occupation given as 'gentleman'.

Edward Alexander left a will. Probate was granted to Frank Sidebotham Rippingille, manufacturer - Edward’s son - Walter Henry Clews, brassfounder, Alfred Benger, accountant, & Arthur Henry Hobbs, wine merchant. Effects valued at £60369 41s 1d.
Arthur Henry was Edward’s nephew, a son of his sister Olivia and James Hobbs. Another sister, Emma, married a George Benger and so Alfred Benger could also be a nephew, although he doesn’t appear in any census with his parents.

Edward’s son James Davey died a couple of months after his father at the same address 
RIPPINGILLE, Edward Alexander (I1080)
99 Arrived in Canada on board the Melita with husband and daughter. Retd. Canadian is stamped over all the entries on this sheet. Destination was Alta, Calgary

Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 about Sarah Eliza Dash
Name: Sarah Eliza Dash
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1877
Birth Country: England
Date of Arrival: 21 Mar 1921
Vessel: Melita
Port of Arrival: St John, New Brunswick
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Roll: T-14843

British Columbia Death Index: 1872 to 1979 about Sarah Eliza Dash
Name: Sarah Eliza Dash
Gender: Female
Age: 73
Death Date: 7 Feb 1950
Place of Death: Kelowna
Registration #: 1950-09-002405
BCA #: B13203
GSU #: 2032631 
RIPPENGILL, Sarah Eliza (I91)
100 Arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1904 on board the Ionian from Liverpool. Norman was travelling alone and gave his calling as ‘rancher’. In the 1916 Canada census, he says he’s of German origin, and was born at sea in 1878. This is obviously nonsense and I’ve no idea why he did so. I’m definitely dealing with the right person as occupation and all family names, fit. I wonder if it was to dodge the WW1 draft? People with German ancestry may be thought a bit dodgy and if he added a few years to his age, he could have been thought to be too old.
Norman & Florence must have decided to move to the USA and arrived in Los Angeles in 1921 where they became naturalised US citizens.

U.S. Naturalization Records - Original Documents, 1795-1972 (World Archives Project) about Norman Alfred Rippengal
Name: Norman Alfred Rippengal
Age: 40
Birth Date: 13 Sep 1882
Birth Location: England
Spouse: Florence
Arrival Year: 1921
Issue Date: 25 Jul 1923
State: California
Locality, Court: Southern District, Central Division, Los Angeles, California, District Court
Record Type: Declaration of Intention

Norman had moved to San Bernardino by 1942 where he was employed by Cook Nichols Co. of Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena.

California Death Index, 1940-1997 about Norman Alfred Rippengal
Name: Norman Alfred Rippengal
Social Security #: 0
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 13 Sep 1883
Birthplace: Other Country
Death Date: 5 Mar 1956
Death Place: San Bernardino
Father's Surname: Rippengal 
RIPPENGAL, Norman Alfred (I1412)

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