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201 Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900 about Cornelius. Rippingall
Cornelius. Rippingall
Michs. 1843
21 Sep 1856
More Information:
Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, June 24, 1843. [2nd] s. of the Rev. Stephen Frost (next), of Langham, Norfolk**** B. Feb. 6, 1824, at Aylmerton. [School, Uppingham.] Matric. Michs. 1843; B.A. 1847. Married Sarah Maria, dau. of Charles Wilding, of Montgomeryshire. Died Sept. 21, 1856, aged 32. M.I. at Langham. Brother of Stephen F. (1844) and of Thomas N. (1839). (Uppingham Sch. Roll.) 
RIPPINGALL, Cornelius (I110)
202 Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900 about Lawrence Johnstone Stephens
Lawrence Johnstone Stephens
Michs. 1847
11 Sep 1894
More Information:
Adm. pens. at CAIUS, Apr. 26, 1847. S. of Joseph Johnstone, farmer, of Credenhill, Heref. B. there, 1828. Schools, Hereford Cathedral and Bridgnorth. Matric. Michs. 1847; B.A. 1851; M.A. 1855. Ord. deacon (Worcester) 1852; priest, 1853; C. of All Saints, Worcester, 1852-3. C. of Shawbury, Salop, 1853-5. C. of St Mary's, Glasgow, 1855-9. C. of Howick, Northumberland, 1859-60. C. of Alnmouth, 1860-5. C. of East and West Anstey, Devon, 1866-7. V. of Owslebury, Hants., 1868-71. V. of Long Houghton, Northumberland, 1872-87. R. of Whatlington, Sussex, 1887-9. R. of Ashburnham with Penhurst, 1889-92. Latterly of Haddon House, Shirley Road, Worthing, where he died Sept. 11, 1894. (Venn, II. 279; Crockford; The Guardian, Sept. 12, 1894.) 
STEPHENS, Rev Lawrence Johnstone (I2361)
203 Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900 about Stephen Frost. Rippingall
Stephen Frost. Rippingall
Michs. 1808
24 Sep 1858
More Information:
Adm. pens. (age 18) at ST JOHN'S, July 25, 1807. Of Norfolk. [School, North Walsham.] Matric. Michs. 1808; Scholar, 1808; B.A. 1812; M.A. 1815. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec. 29, 1813; priest, June 5, 1814. Residing at Langham, Norfolk, -1841-58. Married Sarah, dau. of the Rev. Paul Johnson, of Runton. Died Sept. 24, 1858, aged 68, at Langham. Father of the next two and the above. (Clergy List; G. Mag., 1858, II. 535.)

In 1845, Stephen invested £1,000 in the Lynn and Dereham Railway. £21,386,703 6s 4d was promised by about 10,000 subscribers of less than £2,000 per contract to the nearly 200 railway bills deposited in the Private Bill Office during the Session of Parliament for 1845.

Stephen left a will with 3 codicils. His effects were originally sworn under £100,000 but re-sworn at the stamp office in Nov 1859 as under £120,000. His executors were Frederick Robert Partridge of Kings Lynn gent. and his son William Rippingall of Langham 
RIPPINGALL, Rev Stephen Frost MA (I99)
204 Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900 about William Edward. Pooley
William Edward. Pooley
Michs. 1843
21 Oct 1856
More Information:
Adm. pens. at CORPUS CHRISTI, Oct. 4, 1843. Of Huntingdonshire. [S. of John, Esq., of Upwood.] Matric. Michs. 1843; B.A. 1848. C. of Bruisyard, Suffolk, 1848-50. C. of Chittlehampton, Devon, 1850. R. of Chillesford, Suffolk, 1850-6. Died Oct. 21, 1856, aged 33, at Melville Terrace, Chillesford. Brother of David (1834). (G. Mag., 1856, II. 779; Clergy List.) 
POOLEY, William Edward (I2360)
205 Cambridge University Alumni:

Adm. pens. (age 17) at CAIUS, Mar. 11, 1776. S. of Paul, gent., of Runton, Norfolk. B. in London. School, North Walsham (private). Matric. Michs. 1776; Scholar, 1776-81; B.A. 1780. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) June 4, 1781; priest (Norwich) Dec. 19, 1784; C. of Aylmerton, Norfolk, 1781. C. of Sustead, 1784-1835. R. of Ingworth, 1788-1835. R. of Beeston-near-the-Sea, 1799-1835. Died July 30, 1835, aged 76. M.I. at Runton. Father of the next and of John M. (1824). (Venn, II. 96; Norfolk Antiq. Miscellany, I. 42; Foster, Index Eccles.; Northants. Clergy; G. Mag., 1835, II. 330.) 
JOHNSON, Rev Paul (I105)
206 Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 about Eric O Rippingille
Name: Eric O Rippingille
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1898
Birth Country: England
Date of Arrival: 23 May 1929
Vessel: Aorangi
Port of Arrival: Vancouver, British Columbia
Port of Departure: Sydney, Australia
Roll: T-14893

Eric Owen served in the army during WW1, probably in Iraq as he was awarded the General Service medal with clasp ‘Iraq’.
He married Helen quite late in life but Helen had a daughter to him much earlier on in their lives. Helen only died about 5 years ago. She lived in Kent but her daughter is in Australia so I met her twice in Australia and she filled me in on what she knew about the family. 
RIPPINGILLE, Eric Owen (I1095)
207 Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 about Gertrude J Reppingale
Gertrude J Reppingale
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1883
Date of Arrival: 22 Mar 1913
Vessel: Virginian
Port of Arrival: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Roll: T-4747

She travelled alone. On the manifest, Gertrude says she is going to be married - which she did!
The Sandells returned to the UK in 1931 with their 2 children. Likely to be a visit 
RIPPINGALE, Gertrude Jane (I1523)
208 Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 about Ilean S Mary Rippingale
Name: Ilean S Mary Rippingale
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1903
Birth Country: Africa
Date of Arrival: 10 Feb 1919
Vessel: Tunisian
Port of Arrival: St John, New Brunswick
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Roll: T-14836 
RIPPINGALE, Ilean Sybil Mary (I2033)
209 Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 about Susan C Rippingale
Name: Susan C Rippingale
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1875
Birth Country: Australia
Date of Arrival: 10 Feb 1919
Vessel: Tunisian
Port of Arrival: St John, New Brunswick
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Roll: T-14836

Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Susan Caroline Rippingale
Name: Susan Caroline Rippingale
Death Place: Essendon, Victoria
Age: 65
Father's Name: Joseph Bridley
Mother's name: Kathleen Leeson
Registration Year: 1955
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 12870
Estimated birth year: abt 1890 
BRIDLEY, Susan Caroline (I2032)
210 Can’t find him, 1841-71 REAPINGALL, George Robert (I942)
211 Can’t find this family in 1841, 51 census RIPPINGALE, George (I2603)
212 Can’t see her 1851, 41 ROPPENGALL, Ann (I1022)
213 Can’t see her 1901 RIPPINGALE, Annie (I466)
214 Catherine is named as the wife of Pottle in the burial register [RIPPINGALE], Catherine (I2695)
215 Catherine left a will. Probate to Stanley Wells Rippengill & Lewis James Rippengill (her sons), retired farmers. Effects valued at £2910 17s 5d CRISP, Catherine (I1272)
216 Catherine was illegitimate. The parish registers show she was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah RIPPINGALE, Catherine (I783)
217 Charles and his father died within a month of each other RIPPINGALE, Charles (I2675)
218 Charles and his son Charles died within a month of each other RIPPINGALE, Charles (I877)
219 Charles died inteatate. Administration granted at principal Probate Registry to his daughter, Florence Madeline Channon, wife of Henry Percival Channon. Effects valued at £237 10s RIPPENGAL, Charles Lewis (I1159)
220 Charles left a will. Probate granted to Charles Greville Page, bank manager. Effects valued at £1276 7s 2d RIPPINGILLE, Charles Frederick (I1088)
221 Charles was a sailor. On 5th Jan, 1929, he was employed as a second warrant officer on the Vandyck, which had arrived in New York on 6th Mar 1929 from Buenos Aires. His length of service at sea was given as 10 years; he was to be discharged in NY; he could read. His age was given as 25 and his nationality as English. He was 5’8’ tall and weighed 125 pounds

Charles didn’t leave a will. Administration of his estate was granted to Maud Emily Rippengal, widow & Sidney James Rippengal, LCC official (his brother). Effects valued at £2099 17s 
RIPPENGAL, Charles Frederick (I1559)
222 Charlotte & Thomas living at same address on marriage RIPPINGALE, Thomas (I968)
223 Clifford left a will. Probate granted to widow Grace Annie Rippengal. Effects worth £5599 7s 10d RIPPENGAL, Clifford Guye (I1410)
224 Colonel of the 80th Regiment, and a magistrate of Gloucester DAUBENY, Henry (I3080)
225 Cyprian was left £10-00 in his brother Henry’s will, to be received when he was 20 RIPPINGALLE, Cyprian (I149)
226 Cyprian witnessed the marriage of William Holyoake & Mary Wright, 27 Dec 1767 RIPPINGALE, Cyprian (I156)
227 Cyril left a will. Probate granted to Thomas Langford Plewman, chartered accountant and William Freeman, solicitor. Effects valued at £11002 RIPPENGAL, Cyril Willie (I1398)
228 Daniel and Susanna underwent a clandestine marriage, as did his brother Timothy, and Timothy’s son Timothy. This seems to have become a tradition in this family (see Timothy’s notes). RIPINGGAELL, Daniel (I1698)
229 Death index has her under Ellen Elizabeth TANNER, Helen Elizabeth (I2542)
230 Described as widow in marriage register. Signed marriage register with X TUCK, Mary (I264)
231 Described as widower on marriage to Elizabeth RIPPINGALE, John (I294)
232 DOB guess [STEBBIN], Mary (I806)
233 Doris remarried after Charles died HAYWARD, Doris Mabel (I1786)
234 Doris was known as Doris Rippengale-Swan. She must have married a Davis from the record below and other records I have for her

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current about Doris R. Davis
Name: Doris R. Davis
SSN: 284-12-1869
Last Residence: 77657  Lumberton, Hardin, Texas, USA
Born: 7 May 1922
Last Benefit: 77656  Silsbee, Hardin, Texas, United States of America
Died: 9 May 1997
State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (Before 1951) 
RIPPENGALE-SWAN, Doris Irene (I2211)
235 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. RIPPINGALE, D.N. (I2373)
236 Douglas had been married and divorced before he married Alberta

Social Security Death Index about Douglas M. Hewitt
Name: Douglas M. Hewitt
SSN: 517-05-5788
Last Residence: 60416  Coal City, Grundy, Illinois, United States of America
Born: 22 Nov 1921
Died: 4 Mar 1996
State (Year) SSN issued: Montana (Before 1951). 
HEWITT, Douglas Malcolm (I2385)
237 Edith and her daughter Edith both moved to Leeds after Walter’s death where they lived together. She left a will. Probate granted to Walter Vernon Rippengal accountant and Clifford Guye Rippengal commercial clerk. Effects valued at £835 4s 11d KING, Edith Rosa (I1407)
238 Edith and her mother both moved to Leeds after Walter’s death and lived together. She left a will. Probate granted to Irene Holoran, spinster & Harry Mordecai Waterman, solicitor. Effects valued at £4918 12s 6d RIPPENGAL, Edith Mabel (I1408)
239 Edith left a will. Probate granted to Elsa Gertrude Albrecht, spinster & Clara Margarethe Warden, widow. Effects valued at £5590 6s 3d ABRAHALL, Edith Mary (I1290)
240 Edith left a will. Probate granted to James Clement Lee, dairyman; Walter George Lee, sub-postmaster; and Norman Leslie Rippengill, dairyman. Effects valued at £2458 4s 10d BALLS, Edith (I2357)
241 Edith’s estate went into admin. Admons to Sarah Maria, her mother. Effects under £3000 RIPPINGALL, Edith Maria (I2284)
242 Edward and his family emigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1907, travelling steerage. On the passenger manifest, his destination was given as Saskatoon SK, that he was a farmer and was joining his sons.
In November 1923, he returned to the UK from Montreal via Quebec, on the Doric, giving his address as Burton on Trent. This visit must have been quite brief as the USA Federal census of 1930 shows that he and Fanny emigrated to California in 1924.

California, Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Edward Rippengale
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 11 Oct 1859
Birth Place: Other Country
Death Date: 12 Sep 1947
Death Place: Los Angeles
Note: The birth date is wrong. His birth certificate gives his dob as 5 Sep 1859 
RIPPINGALE, Edward (I904)
243 Edward died in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, in 1582 and left a will. He made his wife Agnes his executrix and residuary legatee and left bequests to Agnes’ children by a previous marriage, to his godchildren and to his kinsman Nicholas Rippingale. The bequests were modest: a lamb to each of his godchildren, a ewe to his wife’s daughters and small sums of money to other people. At the time of his death, it seems that he and Agnes had no living children. RIPPINGALE, Edward (I2812)
244 Edward left a will in 1653 in which he bequeathed sums of money to all his children but mentioned no property. His eldest son, Edward was left very little compared to the rest of the children, so it’s possible that he was set up already. The sums of money are moderate (Ambrose: 5s and all household goods; Edward: 5s; John £5-00; Alice £3 6s 8d), indicating that Edward was doing reasonably well but because no property is mentioned, it’s difficult to get an idea of his worth.
He stipulates that the money is to be paid to Edward and Ambrose 1 month after his death, but to John on the 1 May 1653. The will was made in January 1653 and so Edward must have known that he was dieing. Edward doesn’t give the name of a wife so she must have died. He names his second son, Ambrose as executor of his will. 
RIPPINGALE, Edward (I1881)
245 Edward was a beneficiary of his Uncle Thomas Rippingale’s (I2038) will. He was to get £50-00, Thomas’ bed and all the rest of his household goods. INGOLL, Edward (I2752)
246 Edward was a painter. He exhibited at the RA and has a picture in the Tate
He also has a page in the Dictionary of National Biography. His profile paints him as a rather opinionated character.

From: the roberts Family Tree, Ancestry 24 Jun 2015. Added by belshaws6. Accessed 26 Aug 2013

Born: c. 1790 King's Lynn, Norfolk.
Died: 22 April 1859.
Nationality: English
Field: Oil painting, Watercolour
Edward Villiers Rippingille (c. 1790–1859) was an English oil painter and watercolourist who was a member of the informal group of artists which has come to be known as the Bristol School. In that group he was a particularly close associate of both Edward Bird and Francis Danby.

Early life: Rippingille was born in King's Lynn, Norfolk, the son of a farmer. His year of birth is now believed to be c. 1790 rather than 1798, as previously thought. In 1813 he exhibited at the Norwich Society of Artists, and showed ‘Enlisting’ at the Royal Academy.

Bristol School: He moved to Bristol, where he participated in the sketching activities of the Bristol School. Rippingille's ‘Sketching Party in Leigh Woods’ (c. 1828) depicts a sketching excursion in Leigh Woods typical of those made by the school's members. He worked particularly closely with Edward Bird, and was influenced by Bird's genre painting, which was naturalistic and freshly coloured. In 1814 they both exhibited works at the Royal Academy with the same subject, ‘The Cheat Detected’. Rippingille was also a close friend of Francis Danby, and his style developed alongside that of Danby under Bird's influence. In 1819 Rippingille had a success at the Royal Academy with ‘The Post Office’. In 1822 the Royal Academy saw ‘The Recruiting Sergeant’, a work following the style of Bird, and ‘The Funeral Procession’ of William Canynge to St Mary Redcliffe, 1474. These works were among Rippingille's finest achievements in the fields of genre and historical painting respectively. He exhibited by himself at the new Bristol Institution in 1823, and in 1824 was one of the organisers of the first exhibition there by local artists. In 1824 he exhibited ‘The Stage Coach Breakfast’ at the Royal Academy. This is his best known painting. It depicts some of the literary figures associated with Bristol: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth and Robert Southey.

Later years: In 1830 Rippingille left Bristol and travelled to France and Germany. He returned to London where he married in 1832, before travelling to France again, in the company of James Baker Pyne. In 1835, returning to London, he held his own exhibition at Regent Street. From 1837 he conducted trips to Italy and concentrated on Italian subjects. He died on 22 April 1859 at Swan Village railway station in the West Midlands. Rippingille had a brother, Alexander, who was also a painter working in Bristol. 
RIPPINGILLE, Edward Villiers (I1060)
247 Edward was joint executor of his father’s will with his mother. He & his mother were residuary legatees. From his mother he got £10-00 ‘which he hath in his hand already’. In the 6 years between his father & mother’s death, Edward had married and had a daughter. Although his wife wasn’t mentioned, his daughter received a small legacy from her grandmother. RIPPINGALL, Edmund Or Edward (I2787)
248 Edward was left 5s in his father’s will. This is less than his 2 younger brothers so he probably had been set up already. Edward was probably living in Clare, like his father, as his father calls himself ‘Edward Rippingale the elder’. Although Edward was the eldest, his brother Ambrose was named as executor of his father’s will. RIPPINGALE, Edward (I1883)
249 Edward was probably the eldest of William’s minor children. In his will, William set £6 14s 3d aside for an exhibition at Oxford for Edward. In addition, after the death or remarriage of his mother, he was to enjoy the rents from his father's other property until he was of age to take possession of it. If my speculation about Thomas being the eldest son is right, then Thomas would get the majority of the property, and by providing for Edward’s education, Edward would have been able to enter into a profession and so provide for himself.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any record of Edward’s university career. The records are patchy for some Oxford Colleges in this period. Alternatively, he may have died young. 
RIPPINGALE, Edward (I2811)
250 Edward worked for the Great Western Railway Company all his life, first as a clerk and then as an accountant RIPPINGILLE, Edward Baily Burns (I1058)

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